Atheist to the Christian

From Atheist to Abba Father

Posted Nov 12, 2018 by Tina Marie Simon in Articles
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My heavenly Father, my forever Abba

As I look at Jesus's matchless love my heart trembles, can I be like Him Abba?

No earthly words can express the gratitude my heart feels. I know not how to share my story, my journey and the blessings you have so generously bestowed unto my soul. What led me to you Father? How did you gently take me out of the cold grip of atheism? I never saw it coming.

I never saw that you would bless me with your lovely presence that faithful evening in June of 2012. You were not real! You were a figment of men's imagination I thought, an awkward comfort to men who wanted to live forever. That night my Father you testified that you were my God and I was your child. You saw an opportunity to touch my soul when I was not looking. The most gentle loving hug I was longing for, the tears I shed were mixed with confusion and joy, and I was astonished at my ignorance.

I remember when you showed me how Satan was real too and saw how humanity was in total darkness. I saw the weak foundation of evolution and was disillusioned with the trust I had in humanity and now resented it. Your gentle conviction led me to see that humanity is blind just like me as you plucked the seed of resentment from my soul and planted the seed of empathy in it's place. You showed me how to look at your Loving Son and His lovely life He paved for Mankind.

You let me live my life my way and with pain and agony you watched over me. You sheltered, clothed, fed me and most importantly loved me through my parents. Why couldn't I see you've been in my life all this time is a mystery to me.

That faithfull evening you opened my eyes and I saw Satan was real and you showed me his devices then I knew, I knew you were real and I feared. My sins! My wrong doings! My ill conducts towards others! My life flashed before me. Then you pointed me to my Savior and said Look and be healed of your afflictions.

Then you showed me creation, I saw the trees, I looked at the flowers and listened to the birds. I couldn't believe the brightness of the colors, the sweet melodies of the nearby finches were music to my ears and their beauty had escape me my whole life!

Your presence banished the frigid cold indifference of atheism and you destroyed it's cruel foundation that was seeded deep in my soul. You showed me the breaches of evolution, why couldn't I see?

I saw your prophesies in your Word Abba Father, Oh what beautiful revelation! How could I have been so blind! You have revealed yourself to Man and I did not see. I thought my eyes were open and was wise and rich in knowledge and understanding. How can I be so foolish? Then you pointed me again to your Son and said Look and see.

But Father not only your prophesies I saw, but the violence and misery written in your Word. Remember when I asked you ? Why you're so harsh? Then you pointed me to my Savior and said "He is just like me, a perfect representation of my Character" . Then I saw humanity in darkness and the violence and misery came from it.

Abba Father, I saw my Savior and there is no violence in Him! And God said my daughter Look at Jesus's matchless love, let your heart tremble and you will be like Him.

See Abba my heart aches for the lack of earthly words to express my gratitude, will you ever accept my feeble prayers?

Love you Abba

Your daughter Tina.